Ok, so I havent updated here in a few days... I'd say I have been too busy, but that would probably be a lie (since you all know how busy I am at work most days). Anyway, R&B was on Saturday night and it went well. Preliminary estimates are that we raised over 16 grand -- not too shabby. Got too schmooze a little with Mark S. Allen, thanks to my neighbour who has that certain way of just working himself into any conversation like its no big deal.

Sunday was a day to relax and try to shake my hang-over from the night before. A sandwhich from the bran new Togo's which just opened up down the street seemed to help with that. John showed up Sunday afternoon -- he had a job in Rancho yesterday and a meeting in San Leandro this morning. Possibility of more work in Truckee tomorrow (which would mean another night at Hotel Telford). Tara and I introduced him to the wonderful world known as I Love Teriyaki last night (Andy will appreciate what that means).

Nothing much else going on around here, no real weird or wacky April Fools jokes this year... Although a few websites that I visit had some funny stuff. I ordered a shrinter because it seemed like it would be a timesaver.