Dragged Tara to see Matrix Reloaded on Thusrday. Good movie, even if the ending was a little abrupt. I guess I knew it was going to be abrupt so I shouldn't really have been suprised. One cool part was seeing Trinity using nmap and ssh when she hacked the power plant computers. Those are tools I use all the time too (but not to bring down power grids), so it was kinda cool to finally see a movie that doesnt make every computer scene totally outlandish and removed from reality.
Taking advantage of my Netflix membership already by watching two so-so movies: The Tuxedo, one of Jackie Chan's weaker movies, and Knockaround Guys, a mildly entertaining Vin Diesel flick.
Tara got her passport back in the mail last week (good news). Mine has been slightly delayed (don't ask). I have faith that it will arrive before we leave though... fingers crossed.

Just the two of us, building castles way on high.