look back
So I suppose you probably want to read about our England trip, don't you? I'm feeling kinda lazy, but I'll be nice and write it up anyway.
First off, I've posted our pictures online in the album. Go check those and then come back....
Ok, you're back? Great.
We had Amy's wedding the day before we flew out, so there was some rushing around getting everything ready to go for both the England trip and the Bay Area trip on Thursday and Friday before we left. We spent the night at the Mariott in San Mateo, as did Jen & Franco, and Michelle and Charles. Sunday morning we got up and got dropped off at the airport by J&F. Plane departed about 4:30p Sunday. Arrive London approx 10:30a Monday morning. After we got out of the airport, we dragged our luggage around for a while looking for our hotel. Note to self... look at a map in advance next time. Having found it, we checked in, dumped our bags, and immediately called our favorite London vet student, Maggie. We met up with her for a pint and a bite, got to see her flat, meet her roomies, etc, etc. We soon had to let her get back to studying for her exams, so we set off to find the Eye.
The London Eye is a big ferris wheel type thingy which is about 400+ feet tall. Each "pod" iholds about 40 people, and it takes about 40 minutes to complete one revolution. The pods are completely clear (except the floor, although I thought it would have been cool if the floor was glass too) so you get a great 350° view of the city. Since we went around sunset, we were lucky enough to walk right on with no waiting which apparently is rather unusual during the day.
The next day we decided to visit the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately it was raining lightly (very lightly, we were fine even without rain jackets). Apparently the guards dont change in the rain. Well technically they do, but it is very unceremonious, four guys just march out and change places with the existing guards instead of the whole pomp and circumstance of the full-blown ceremony. We did however get to see some guards who happened to be marching by around the same time. I'm not sure what they were doing, but whatever it was they didn't let a little rain stop them from doing it.
From there we continued on to St Paul's cathedral, and hiked all 500+ steps to the top. More spectacular views of London. By now its lunch time and we're feeling pretty hungry. Found a sandwhich place and ate. If there's one thing that bugs me about England, they really don't know how to make a good sandwhich. We managed to find a Subway a little later in the week, which was a refreshing change. Later that night we found a great little chinese food place near our hotel that was delicious, and then we headed out to the West End to see a show called The Madness of George Dubya which was an amusing commentary on Bush/Blair and the war. The audience seemed to be filled with Americans.
By now its Weds. morning and we're jumping on a train to Coventry (where I grew up). We arrived mid-afternoon, and called some family friends, the Sharp family, who had graciously offered up a place to stay. 10 minutes later we're zipping back to their place (and realizing there's not much room for luggage in a Porsche). Spent the next few days in Coventry seeing the sights (well, actually Coventry doesnt really have many sights), and generally just haning around town. Spent plenty of time in the Millsy's, the local bar/restaurant that the Sharp's own. A good amount of alcohol was consumed (hey, when its free....). Checked out Warwick Castle, the Godiva Festival (kinda like a state-fair type of thing, except just for the city), the New Orleans restaurant (I give it a marginal rating), etc. Before long it's Sunday and time to zoom down to see my cousin Andrew.
Another short bus/train ride and we're south of London in Reigate, Surrey. Had an enjoyable evening with Andrew and Karen, and then took the train down to the seaside town of Brighton the next day (Monday). Spent the afternoon wandering around Brighton, checked out the Royal pavilion, an old royal summer home, and then jumped back on the train. Tuesday morning we were up bright and early for a taxi ride into Heathrow, then on the plane, and back in California by 1p with the time change.
Whew... ok, well that exhausting. Go check out the pictures if you haven't yet. I'll just be taking a nap....

A little voice inside my head said
"Don't look back, you can never look back."