Zieh' mich an!
I've been in training all week this week, taking a class to become a Cisco Certified Network Administrator. If you're the non-techy type, that just means that I know a lot about setting up computer networks, and making them talk to each other properly. It's one of those things that looks good on the old resume, and since HP was paying for it.... So I've been studying like crazy all week, took the test this morning and passed, and now I'm ready to relax. Probably gonna go check out Thunder Valley tonight with a couple of my neighbours. I just found out that they don't serve free dinks though (because you only have to be 18 to get in), and there's no roulette (lame!). Well its worth checking out anyway.
In other news, I need a new computer. As I'm typing this, I'm ripping a CD that I recently bought onto the harddrive. The words are appearing on the screen with a noticeable delay (scary, I can type faster than the computer can process) and attempts to switch to a new window result in a bunch of disk thrashing. I guess I really just need more RAM, but its more fun to buy a whole new machine. I'd probably be in the doghouse for buying a new computer right now though (expensive trip to England, upcoming trip to SD, etc) so I guess I'll wait... Maybe I can get a good deal on an HP.

Zieh' mich an! Mit den neuen PEZ Body Parts