summer time
I emailed TV's Wil Wheaton today. I wonder if he'll write back. Just as I sent the message I noticed I had made a spelling mistake in the subject line. Alas, it was too late to correct it. I hate it when that happens... I'm kinda picky about spelling (although I'm not that picky about punctuation, grammar, or the usage of made-up words, all three of which I abuse regularly). I'm also picky about the over-usage of the work "literally". It seems to me that a sizeable number of people fail to understand the definition of the word. I keep reading/hearing/whatever this word being misused and its starting to bother me. As in, "I saw this girl the other day... she was, literally, drop-dead gorgeous." Unngh. My head is literally exploding.

I met her in the summer time. Her name was.... e-mail.