new day
As of today I have exactly 100 positive feedbacks (no negatives) on eBay. I now also have exactly $1000 entered into Where's George? (225 bills entered). Yep, it sure is a good day for powers of ten. It's not such a good day for my other favorite powers (such as 6.4807 squared), but lets face it, they get to enjoy the limelight enough as it is.

Watched part of Gangs of New York this weekend. Tara managed to stick it out to the end, I got bored after the first two hours or so. Yeah, its kinda long. Plus, its hard to take it seriously with all those funny hats.

We rented the first disc of OZ from Netflix last week. I wasn't sure if it would be any good, but as usual HBO didn't let me down. Disc 2 should be on its way to use by now. Recommend check it out if you get the chance...

I'm off to LWE tomorrow AM, returning Thurs.

its a new day
but it all feels old.
Its a good life
thats what i'm told.