Had a busy weekend... drove up to Redbluff on Saturday for a pez bbq/get-together. Spent a little money on pez, and sold a few things too. Had a good time chatting with pez folks.

Went to see American Wedding on Sunday morning. It was good grosss-out, childish humor. Recommended if you like the previous American Pie incarnations.

Thanks to HP I had some gift certificates to spend, so I stopped by Lowes on Sunday afternoon to browse the tool department. I was looking for a planer. The only one they had at the Roseville Lowes was a bit beat up -- big chunk taken out of the side of the box, etc. So I had one of the sales drones open up the box so I could take a look at it. What do we find? A mouse family living in the box. They had chewed through the side and were living in the styrofoam. Glad I didnt just pick the box up and throw it in the trunk of my car. A trip down the road to Citrus Heights scored me a rodent-free version.

Orion had Indy visting for the weekend, which is always fun. They run around like idiots for a couple of days straight. Orion refuses to sleep when she's around as he has to keep at least one eye on her at all times. He's weird.

Lather, rinse, repeat. If only it were that simple.