going on
Let's see... so much to write about, so little time.

The fabled Bad Taste Party was on Saturday. Some stunning outfits were on display. Jen Shaw took the grand prize for her beautiful lemon-yellow sweater which really defies description (check the pics). The grand prize was a bottle of Cynar liquor, made from only the best quality artichokes (oh yeah!). Supposedly it is one of the world's best aphrodisiacs. Not sure about that, it tasted pretty nasty.

Got the TiVo hacked and hooked up to the network on Saturday. This means I can now access it remotely via a web browser to schedule recordings, delete recordings, and even send remote control sequences (so I can freak Tara out by changing the channel from the other room, heheh). Oh yeah, I'm a nerd but really this is pretty freakin cool. All this made possible by Linux.

Speaking of TV, if you haven't seen it already you have to check out the latest reality show called "The Joe Schmo Show". This is absolutely the best reality show ever. Mostly because its not really a reality show (but yet it kinda is). Must see! It's on the Spike network which I think is new, so I'm not sure how widely available it is.

Spent most of Sunday relaxing (recovering). Watched Shanghai Knights which was mildly entertaining, although I have seen better Jackie Chan movies. Spent Sunday eveing distraught over the Ben and J. Lo breakup.

Or not.

You know, I'm not the little boy that I used to be
I'm all grown up now, baby can't you see
Stacy's mom has got it goin' on