Google's usenet archive is really pretty amazing. I was just doing some archaeological research, looking back through old posts I made way back when I first discovered the internet (ca. 1994). Strangely, my first recorded post seems to not really be from me... I think someone must have hijacked my computer as the message is rather odd, posted to a strange group and seems to be a little out of character compared to my usual non-sensical writing style. I'm not going to link it here, you can probably find it if you *really* care to. It's slightly off color (which is why I think I didn't really write it. In fact it kinda reminds me of this quote {slightly off-color also} [only makes sense if you know that bash.org collects quotes from irc], and no I wasn't the source of that quote). I guess the moral of the story is to always lock your screen when you walk away from the computer. :-)

In related "its-a-small-world-afterall" news, right about my 5th ever (or 4th if you discount the above-mentioned impersonated post) usenet message I posted a technical question to alt.security.pgp. I got a reply from a guy named Jeff Licquia. That was March 1995. A long time later (2002) in a galaxy far far away I would come to work on a project at HP written by none other than..... Jeff Licquia. Yes folks, its a small world after all (he's in Indiana, I'm... not). Ain't the internet cool?

That's all for now class.. more archaeology lessons later.

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