my rant for the day
As much as I really don't want to get into a political or religious debate, sometimes I see something that just gets me riled up....
Now I love Catholics as much as the next guy, hell I'm married to one, and we get along fine. But frankly, those in charge (eg the Vatican) never cease to amaze me. In particular, this headline on Yahoo! News caught my eye. Churches in a number of countries which are being devastated by HIV & AIDS are telling Catholics there that condoms don't prevent the spread of the disease. Now I have no problem with the opposition to birth-control... if you belive that is wrong, then so be it, I have no problem with your beliefs whatsoever. But espousing that view with scientific arguments that are flat-out wrong, is simply irresponsible.
Approximately 5 million new HIV infections occur each year. Telling people that "AIDS...has grown so fast because of the availability of condoms", and that the virus can easily pass through condoms is reprehensible.
Ok, rant mode off.... sorry about that.