I've been lazy recently; now that I have the über phone, its easier to just post pictures than actually write anything. Today, however, I bring you this little thought experiment:
If you worked for a large national corporation in the customer service department and you were located on the east coast, and you were the only person in the entire company who could perform the seemingly simple task of looking up order status information, would you work 7a-3p every day? You would if you were an ass and didn't want to actually perform any "customer service". Nevermind the fact that I was told "our customer service phone number is available 24 hours a day for your convenience". It isn't too convenient if the person I need to talk to has already put in a half a day before the west coast is even awake. To add insult to injury I just happened to call at 12:02 Pacific. "Oh, I'm sorry she's already gone home for the day." Thanks for nothing..