world book
Yes, thats right folks I'm typing this from a brand new computer. Tara beat me to it as far as the announcement, but hey I was kinda busy, OK? Getting a new computer for me is like Tara being let loose in a candy store. :) Ok, that was a strange analogy, but whatever. As Tara mentioned, it's an iMac. I've never owned an Apple before, but I definitely wasn't prepared to fork over money to Microsoft for the latest bug-filled, security nightmare. And yes, I'm still a huge Linux fan, but I really wanted to be able to put our Digital Video Camera to its full sue and do some video editing, and frankly I don't think Linux is the best choice for that, the apps and support just aren't there yet. On the plus side it runs Mac OSX which is Unix under the hood, so that gives me a warm fuzzy.
Other than that, we partied at Dani/Katie/Jessica's place last night for Jessica's birthday. Good times. Indy spent the night at our house to keep her out of harm's way, so Orion had a good time chasing her around non-stop.
Three day week this week, in case you hadn't noticed. r0x0r!