Got the big INS interview tomorrow for my citizenship application. Wish me luck. I think I have to take a test on US history. That could be tricky.
There's a particularly annoying banner at the top of the page that I'm entering this on. It's an animated gif, bane of the web-surfer everywhere, and not only that but it is displaying its pictures in a reverse pallete, making it even more obnoxious than it would otherwise be. Why do people persist in being idiots when it comes to web-design? Obnoxious blinking and color-cycling is not going to make me want to visit your website!
A site like this one (possibly not safe for work) however may just get my attention. Speaking of websites that might not be safe for work: This is a good one too. Nothing too racy at either of those links, but cleavage gets some people in trouble. While you're killing time waiting to go home so you can check out those two links on your personal time, you might want to waste some time at fark. That one is almost certainly safe for work (except when its not).
Well thats about it for now. Your daily dose of weblinks. Now off to memorize how many stripes are on the flag...

If you are applying for citizenship for yourself you will be tested on your knowledge of the government and history of the United States. You will be tested on reading, writing and speaking English unless, on the day you filed your application, you have been living in the United States for a total of at least 20 years as a lawful permanent resident are over 50 years old.