I'm sure you are all dying to hear news of my INS interview, I hope my lack of update didn't make you think that I had been deported. You'll be happy to know that I'm not writing this from an immigration holding cell or anything…

It was relatively painless, had to answer a few questions on US history. The stumper -- what year was the Constitution written. I'm sorry to say that I didn't know. Apparently it was 1787. So now you know in case it comes up. The other questions were pretty simplistic -- what does the Supreme Court do, what are the first ten amendments called, etc. So despite my lack of constitutional history knowledge, I passed. It will be official with a ceremony sometime early next year.

In the news recently: I read that the Wright brothers' re-enactment failed. Apparently the replica plane cost $1 million to build and it couldn't get off the ground. Don't we (as a society) have anything better to do?

I also read today that a court is ordering the release of Jose Padilla from military prison. (For those of you bored by politics you may just want to skip this rant). If you haven't been keeping up on the news, he's accused of trying to set off a "dirty" bomb. Fine, no problem with arresting the guy, he's obviously dangerous. However, since he was arrested almost 18 months ago he has been held without bail, without a trial, and without access to an attorney in a military brig because G Dubya claimed he was an "enemy combatant". This scares me. Maybe George should do some studying of the old Constitution himself. There's that minor detail thrown in there about due process and habeas corpus. You don't get to ignore that in the name of terrorism just because you don't like the dude. So anyway, he's off to regular "pound me in the ass" prison now, finally.

In less rant-like news: it's almost Chris.... errm, "winter break". Tara and I are off work all next week. Tara is off the whole next week after that too (I'll be working two days). I can tell it's almost the new year because I've received about 4 or 5 almost identitcal "end of year, good job team, rah rah" messages from various levels of management. For those that don't know, HP has a lot of managers. There are at least eight levels between me and the CEO, with various others that kinda fit in indirectly. It's getting more and more like Office Space around here every day.

Now off to work on my TPS reports...