Well today was a big day for a multitude of reasons. Started the day off with a couple of awesome gifts from Tara -- a UCD long-sleeve shirt which I really like and an iPod, which was completely unexpected. This thing is wicked awesome. 20Gig of music capacity in the palm of your hand is really pretty damn cool. That should keep me going just about forever as my music library is currently less than 4G (although admittedly I still have a lot of CDs which I have not ripped yet). Anyway, do I have the greatest wife or what?
So a bit later we cruised downtown for the big Naturalization ceremony. Other than a bunch of paperwork theres not much to it. Raise your right hand, repeat after me, etc. I'm now an official US citizen!! We (my parents, Tara & I) celebrated with lunch at the Pyramid brewery which is right next to the Crest where the ceremony was held. The food was excellent -- recommended if you're in the area and looking for a bite to eat.
Mom & Dad sprung their birthday gift on me before we parted ways. A rotozip. I love tools almost as much as I love electronic gadgets.
I begrudgingly drove home and went to work for the last few hours of the day. Uneventful. Left there and headed straight for Wild Bill's in Roseville and treated myself to a little birthday present. No picture available yet, but it looks remarkably like this.
Finished the day with a slice of cake, baked by my lovely wife, and then a walk around the neighbourhood with Orion -- iPod blaring all the way.