To borrow a phrase from Dennis Miller: "I don't mean to get off on a rant here, but...."
I'm getting tired of people who let their dogs run around the neighbourhood without tags on. Dogs escape from time to time, its bound to happen. Even Orion has escaped from the backyard once (although he only made it as far as next-door -- he was found drinking out of the pond in their front yard). However, its irresponsible to let your dog escape if its not wearing a tag with a phone number on it. Yes, that means that since your dog will inevitably escape some day, you need to put a name tag on him/her/it now! Why is this such a difficult concept for people to grasp? I have now come across at least three or four dogs roaming the neighbourhood without any form of ID. The most recent was Sunday night while I was walking Orion. That same dog was then *still* running loose on Monday morning when I took him out. On Sunday night I walked around the neighbourhood with the escapee looking for an owner, with no luck.
The other side of this problem is me having to deal with Orion once we have this stray following us around. Most of you have met Orion. He's, shall we say, excitable? Running in to a loose dog while we're out is about enough to make me want to shove both of them under the wheels of the nearest car. Orion is simply untrainable, thats all there is to it (and yes, professionals agree with that assertion).
So, if you own a dog, go out and buy a tag for it at your nearest pet store so that I don't have to publicly berate you. Tags are cheap and your dog will appreciate it. Five extra 'cool' points if you put your dog's email address on it.