So the latest uproar about the superbowl is apparently Kid Rock. Forget JJ and her nipple, I think we've all heard enough about that. This time the VFW are pissed that Mr. Bob Ritchie wore an american flag as a poncho during his performance and then threw it into the crowd (edit: he actually passed it to a stage-hand -- the widely-reported AP story is incorrect). Sorry vets, get over yourselves. It's a piece of fabric. What if it was a standard t-shirt printed with a stars and stripes design? Would that make it OK? How about a baseball cap? Would it be "extremely disrespectful" to throw a baseball cap into the crowd? Maybe its just because I'm "new" to this country but I don't really get the hyper-patriotism associated with the flag.

Went to the dentist yesterday (no cavities to report). It made me glad that my job doesn't involve flossing other people's teeth for them.