Well the cat is finally out of the bag, so I guess I can officially talk about it here now. Tara and I are going to be parents times two. Very astute readers or those of you who are psychic may have picked up on the various subtle hints in the last few weeks. Don't feel bad if you missed them. So for those of you in the know (which was just about everyone) you probably realize that the story slipped a little sooner than we originally planned. That's one of the problems with secrets I guess, they're just so darn hard to keep, especially once you start telling people. Anyway, needless to say my parents were shocked and suprised, in a good way.

Tara (and I, briefly) got interviewed by a Sac. Bee reporter today for a story they are doing on CF. It's scheduled to be published in May so don't hold your breath.

As I write this I'm listening to Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. I really like that song a lot. I recommend you go listen to it.

And finally tonight, R & B pics have been posted.