Got a call from my Mom yesterday evening. I kinda figured something must be wrong because she usually only calls on Sunday. I figured maybe she needed help programming the VCR or something, but then I remembered she has TiVo. Then I thought maybe she was calling to ask my opinion on the collected works of Jane Austen but that turned out to be wrong too. In actuality she was calling from the emergency room to let me know that my Dad had just been taken in to surgery to have his appendix removed. In the medical profession we call this a "hot appy". Turns out the doubling-over in pain and vomiting he'd been experiencing all week was just a little ruptured internal organ. No biggie… Anyway, he's fine. An hour in surgery and some IV antibiotics for a day or so and he'll be good as new. Probably a Lytes, CBC and Chem-7 somewhere in there too, thats pretty standard stuff. Maybe a UA and a blood gas. Those are all terms I hear on ER a lot so they must be important and/or relevant.

The Bee is doing a story on CF which is supposed to be published this week or next. Tara (and to a lesser degree me) is one of the main interviewees. Apparently we neglected to mention this to several people, so if you hadn't heard about it yet, now you have. We met with the Bee photographer for a second time today and hammed it up like we were the Olson twins while she snapped a few pics. Coming soon to a newstand, public bathroom, or recycling bin near you.