It's been at least 3 months since my last laptop fiasco, so obviously its about time for another one, right? Yep. Came in to work this morning to find my laptop frozen. (I usually leave it powered on overnight if it is at work, and shut it down only when bringing it home or using it on my "lap"). Rebooted and it started to come up but then just sat there doing nothing while loading the OS. Rebooted again and got the infamous "Non-system disk or disk-error" message familiar to those of you who used to use floppy-disks. Hard drive is dead. No ETA yet on when I can get a replacement. Luckily I have at least five other machines sitting at my desk. One of those is broken (the old laptop -- I never threw it away), one is an ancient laptop with a tiny screen that can't run on battery power, and the other three are used for various things. So I can get by using one of those three for now, but it's not optimal. I had the laptop setup just the way I liked it as far as applications, preferences, etc. Oh and to top it all off I don't have a backup of anything that was on the hard drive. What a way to start the week.