Seacrist/Lloyd nuptials this weekend. A good time was had by all (some more than others). Pics posted.

Got the wainscoting done on Sunday, all in all it went fairly smoothly. Just have to paint it and the room will be complete. Our new ceiling fans were also installed on Sunday, so now we can enjoy the cool evening breezes of Anytown, USA.

Another busy week ahead, Tara and I seem to have ourseleves booked up every night and weekend for the next few months. I guess that's just in preparation for October after which we will never have a free moment again until that sweet, sweet day 18 years later when the kids finally move out?? Then I'll finally be able to enjoy my free time again... of course I won't have any money to enjoy it with since we'll probably be paying two tuition bills, which by that time will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $82,000 a quarter. Now I know why I spent a half hour rolling quarters from my piggy bank yesterday...

Oh yeah, on an unrelated note, google is broken today. This sucks.