I was just reading this story about a mafioso who has just been sentenced. Interesting read, I really like that movie Donnie Brasco. Anyway, I was noticing how all those guys have cool nicknames -- "Handsome Sal", "The Chin", "Big Joey", "Psycho with Gun", etc. I wonder what my nickname would be if I was part of La Cosa Nostra? I'm thinking it would be something like "The Eye" (I have really good eyesight), "Moderately-Handsome Sal" (I'd change my first name for security reasons, obviously), or "Bigger Joey" (sounds bit too cuddly). I don't know if you even get to pick your own nickname, probably not. I'd probably end up with something like "nerdy guy that runs mafia.com" or something. Let me know if you have any better suggestions.