I've been too lazy to update the last few days, so I'll do a quick recap of all the news thats fit to print.

Went up to Tahoe this weekend and set off some fireworks for Nicole's birthday. You're welcome (and happy birthday!). Shout-outs in the birthday department to AAP also.

Celiling fan install in the babies room rescheduled from last weekend to this weekend, Jenny's wedding later that day, and then I'm doing wainscotting on Sunday. another busy weekend. Lamaze class last night, furniture building class tonight, and I'm still working on building the changing table in my copious spare time.

I learned from Tom Brokaw last night that I'm tragically unhip, because he knew about the cartoon that "everyone" is talking about before I had ever heard of it. It's a sad day.

With that, I bid you adieu -- I'm off to do something fascinating.