Another busy weekend in the bag. Saturday was Tara's baby shower. I think there were about 40 people in attendance... she's just so damn popular. Anyway, I picked up Jasmine & Adam at the airport around noon and dropped Jas off at the shower. Adam, John and I barged into to scarf down some free food and otherwise mostly just tried to avoid the high-levels of estrogen in the air. Tara ended up opening baby gifts for close to two hours, and we needed two cars packed completely full to get everything home. These kids are going to be well stocked in bibs!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we had Tara's 10-year high school reunion that evening. Of course, being chronically punctual we showed up right on time to find nobody else there. I don't mean that there was nobody we knew, I mean there was *nobody* there. We need to learn to be fashionably late. The reunion was pretty fum, although mostly we just hung-out with all the usual friends we hang-out with anyway, since Tara keeps in good contact with her HS buddies. Didn't take many pictures, but I've posted the few over in the usual place.

Sunday was mostly about unpacking all the loot from the shower. The nursery is pretty much complete except for babies at this point. I'll try to snap some updated pictures of that soon too.

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