Our next-door neighbors had their baby on Tuesday morning, woohoo! The friendly neighborhood stork must be getting to know our street pretty well. Now Tom and Abby will have another little friend the same age to play with in the neighborhood. They're back home from the hospital after a little more than 24 hours, which makes our five-day stay look rather leisurely.

We took a couple of pics of the kids in their halloween outfits yesterday. Check the album for those.

My parents are off to England this weekend. And by that I really mean, just for the weekend. My cousin Andrew (their nephew) is getting married on Saturday so they decided to make a quick visit. Wish Tara and I could be there since he was nice enough to fly out and be a part of our wedding, but its just not feasible right now, for fairly obvious reasons. Anyway, best wishes to him and his new wife Karen.