Let's see... what has been going on around here? We went up to Apple Hill on Saturday with the kids, the grandparents, the aunts (2 out of 3 anyway), and assorted other apple-lovin' folks. The weather was great, especially compared to last year when it was practically sub-zero. I put up a couple new baby pictures in the usual place.

We also managed to get our shower hardware replaced on Saturday, courtesy of one of Sean's friends. We are now able to shower in the master bathroom again and the guest shower no longer shoots water out of places its not supposed to. Good news all around.

On Sunday I had one of the most pleasant Fry's shopping experiences I've ever had. I had to return something which, at Fry's, is almost always a recipe for disaster. The returns line is always huge and their customer service skills always leave a little something to be desired. However on Sunday morning I strolled in just a few minutes after they opened, went right to the counter (no line!) and managed to exchange my defective battery charger for which I had no packaging and no receipt. And to top it all off, they were actually friendly and helpful. It's possible that I entered a parallel universe somehow, that's the only explanation.