Well it finally happened. The Alex Trebek-Ken Jennings love affair has come to an end. I thought maybe Alex was going to start crying. It's kinda interesting to see that Ken is fallible after all. I don't buy the rumors that he was paid off to lose, I think he just got a combination of two difficult daily doubles and a challenging Final Jeopardy that just stacked the cards against him. His bet-big to win-big strategy on daily doubles which carried him through most of the other shows left him without a run-away lead at the end of the second round this time. Anyway, the guy is a machine and now he has 2.5 mill, free tax preparation for life from H&R Block (the question to the answer he missed in Final Jeopardy, in case you didn't watch) and probably a whole host of groupies just dying to sleep with him.

I'll take months that start with "Feb" for $200 please Alex!