Long time no update. Decemberween was on Saturday. I think everyone had a good time, except perhaps Jenny's new puppy Ally who was molested by Orion. Once again he has brought shame to our good family name. Sorry Jenny!!

Spent Sunday relaxing and trying not to eat all the left over junk food.

I fired the old car up for the first time in a couple years last week. Has a small coolant leak which I hope to get fixed soon. Then it should be off to the paint shop to get its shiny new coat. Can't wait to have it back on the road again!

Finished almost all my christmas shopping this weekend, and amazingly only about 50% of it was done online this year. Yes, that's right I actually braved the outside world and fought to find parking with the rest of the offline shoppers. I think I got my fill of that... next year its back to the goold old Interweb!