Babies are funny little people. Tom was fussing and making noise last night around 9. So I picked him up and tried feeding him. He didn't seem too interested in that so I put him up against my chest to see if he needed to burp. All of a sudden I feel his head crash down on my shoulder. Not all that unusual, he doesn't have complete control of his head yet, but then I noticed his breathing has changed. He had crashed his head down and fallen asleep in literally the space of about 2 seconds. Apparently he had been awake most of the day, which is a feat that even I don't like to attempt, so he must have been pretty tired.

I like how kids can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and they don't get disturbed by being picked up and moved. I don't think someone could pick me up and move me in my sleep without me waking up in a panic. I'd probably try to bust out my ninja moves to defend myself though, so don't try it! "Don't make me get all Blackhawk on your ass!"