Ahh.. we're back. The kids did pretty well on their first long car trip. They slept most of the way, both there and back. We did hit some traffic in LA on the way down and they started to get a bin antsy but all in all I think they did great. We all had a great time at the convention and the kids were the star of the show. Between that, visiting their great-grandma and the Steiners I think they may have been passed around more than ... well something that gets passed around a lot. Sorry, I was trying to think of a funny analogy but I the best I could come up with was "a joint at a rasta party", but that's somewhat weak. Just imagine that I wrote something hilarious and the effect will be the same.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I've been trying to catch up entering my latest pez purchases into my database -- I have a little application I wrote which keeps track of where each dispenser came from, when I got it and from whom, how much it cost, details on the color, packaging, etc. I'm at least 40 or 50 behind, but that means that I have now crossed the 700 mark. Yikes! When does this officially become an obsession?

In other other news Tara never updates her diary anymore. She claims she is too busy with the kids but that's a lie. I want to know what I'm paying three nannies and a pastry chef for then!

Ok, ok, I'm kidding about the pastry chef. He's more of a Sous Chef really.