(Pssst.. go check today's other entry if you missed it)

I order things online a lot. A lot. Most of you know that already. I do just about everything online these days. Anyway, I got a rather strange confirmation email today for an order I placed:

International orders via air usually take 15 to 30
days, and LATELY some are taking up to 2 months!! You can blame BIN-LADEN for the
international delays!

Now, my order is non-international, but I will take the opportunity anyway...

In addition to all the other stupid crap you've done lately, like evading capture, blowing shit up and homicidal madness, thanks a pant-load for also finding time in your busy schedule to delay the mail. It's not like we don't have enough problems already, so do us a favor and stay out of the postal-carrier-interference business would you? Thanks on behalf of the entire mail-receiving community.