So the kids are now officially baptized members of the Catholic church. Not really sure what to say about that. Their god-parents are both *cough* practicing catholics, so I'm sure they'll be in good hands.

Anyway, enough of that stuff. We got our tickets booked this weekend for our big Scotland trip in August. Through some generous cashing-in of frequent flyer miles by my parents, the tickets ended up being very reasonably priced. The full-price tickets we were looking at were close to $1000/person which is a bit ridiculous. We do still have to pay "full" price for the kids which is around $200 each. For that we get the privilege of holding them on our laps. For a 12 hour flight! Fun. How long until Star Trek style teleportation is available? I'd risk being reassembled with my internal organs in the wrong place if it meant I could get places quicker. Sure would help me out when I want a beer from the fridge too. Sometimes that walk from the couch is too much!