not a hitman
Nobody wrote in to help me with my new words. You all suck, you dirty morpions.

Finally got my truck pimped out with some UCD logos which were sorely lacking up until now. Thanks to some free stickerage courtesy of picnic day and a pair of scissors courtesy of my kitchen, I made my own logos for the back window. I put my favorite version of Gunrock (aka "Secondary Mark 2" -- it has a certain ring to it, don't you think?) in the rear window on the drivers side, and "UC Davis" in white w/ blue background on the passenger side. Oh yeah!

In related news, I now now know how the logo came to be called Gunrock. Ever notice how horses always have really cool names, like Man-of-War, Whiplash, Icefall, Hung-like-a, etc? You never hear of a horse named Flower or Gentle Trotter making it to the Kentucky Derby or anything. Why is that? I guess names really do matter -- kinda like naming your kid Jeeves and thinking he'll be anything other than a butler.