Thomas discovered his, ummm, "manhood" in the bath last night and subsequently wouldn't leave it alone until he was out and dressed. He seemed pretty proud of himself. That's my boy!

I watched a show on the Food Channel last night about pancakes. First of all, I'm not sure why I was watching the Food Channel. This summer-time lack of first-run network shows really leaves me without much choice. Anyway, the show immediately preceeding was "The Secret Life of Milkshakes", how could I resist??!!??

Anyway I got a big craving for pancakes after I saw the latter show. I think I even had a dream about pancakes. That's kinda sick. (Not that sick, I'm pretty sure it was rated PG). Part of the problem is that I hardly ever get to eat them since Tara doesn't like cooked breakfast. That would be like if I didn't like chicken and rice. I think Tara would explode. I manage to restrain my pancake craving a little more than that, but still. So anyway, I stopped on the way to work and picked some delicious hotcakes at my friendly neighborhood diner. "Take-out pancakes" don't really sound too appealing, but they're pretty much the same as eat-in pancakes, except they come in a styrofoam container. So now my craving is quenched for a while and I can go back to my normal craving of tequila and eight balls.