Many of my long-time readers may have noticed that I occasionally like to use this space to write reviews. I do this not because I think you'll be interested in them, but mostly because I like to hear myself type. It has a nice soothing sound. Also, I'm banking on the fact that several major-name manufacturers will take notice of this site and the tens of readers and start sending me free stuff to review. (Superliminal message to retailers/manufacturers/industrial spies: I'm hoping for one or more of the following &emdash; tools, electronics, gadgets, gizmos, hookers, or cash. Thanks.)

Today however, you're getting a double-whammy review of items that I chose myself. Stand back, you may not be able to handle this much reviewination.

First on the agenda is not really a review, more like a link. "Review" sounds fancier though, and earns me points with the industrial spies. So here's the link. The movie on this site is one of the funniest things I've seen on the Internets in a long time.

My second review, or opinion if I may, is of the new Diet Coke with Splenda (DCwS) brand beverage. You may remember my recent review of Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. This new Diet Coke is nothing like those however. Dr Pepper made me charming and funny, this stuff just makes me wish I had bought a regular coke. I typically don't have a problem with Splenda, but this drink just proves to me that all those sugar-cubes I ate as a kid were, in fact, delicious. I never saw any kid eating a Splenda cube, that's for sure. So, don't be fooled, DCwS pretty much tastes like regular Diet Coke. And it definitely won't make you charming and funny.

Me on the other hand? I got charm and funny coming out my ass!