The long-awaited details: The trip was great fun. The kids did very well on the plane, in both directions. Not so good with the time change. The first 3 or four nights we're pretty sleep-deprived for us. They finally got it by the end of the week, by which time we had to trun around and do it all again on the way home. Thankfully coming west is much easier and they seemed to be pretty close to being back on California time after the first night.

We had a great time at the family reunion, and the twins we're the hit of the party, as expected. Family photos have their own website, but those probably won't be interesting to many of you reading this. Our personal sight-seeing photos are up on our website and might be slightly more interesting the casual reader.

The weather was pretty good for Scotland -- rainy and cold the first 3 days, mostly sunny the last two. About as good as could be expected. Our last two days were spent doing touristy stuff around Edinburgh so we lucked out having nice weather as we wandered around.

Back to normal around here for a few days -- Schweiger/Gonzales wedding on Saturday, Steiner bachelor party the weekend after that, and Steiner/Wong wedding the weekend after that. It's non-stop around here (as always)!