One of the cool things about Google Maps is that it can be extended to all sorts of interesting things like plot craigslist rental listsings, display NYC subway maps, etc, etc.

But the fun doesn't stop there. I now have my very own photo album/map mashup. Only really makes sense for albums which contain geographically dispersed photos like the above-linked Scotland set, but I'll try to add coordinates for future photos when it's interesting to do so. You can zoom in, drag the map, etc as with any other Google map. Each photo on the map has a little pop-up containing the coordinates that appears when you mouse-over -- that's broken in Internet Explorer. Use FireFox instead, I'll fix it if I can. Otherwise it should work fine. let me know if not.

Why did I do this, what's the point? No reason really, I just think it's interesting and these are the sorts of things that keep me amused. What else am I going to do with a weekend, watch football?

Have fun...