Ahhh... January 1st. I started this year off right by not waking up with a hangover. That was largely because I was asleep at midnight and I didn't have anything to drink. It was kind of refreshing actually. Abby got me up around 5a on both the 31st and the 1st so I wasn't really in the mood to stay up to see the 61st second of 11:59.

I spent this afternoon doing some spring cleaning of our front room. It's actually kind of cleansing to throw away accumulated junk every once in a while. I managed 4 whole or partial computers (to be recycled, of course), several computer peripherals and components, and more bags and boxes of trash than our garbage can accomodate. This room is almost habitable again. Unfortunately the kids now have direct access to even more of the pez collection than before wen it was safely coned off by junk. Next step is to baby-proof.