mr mom
I got my Apple business cards today, so I guess I'm official now. I've got a whole box of them so if you want a couple dozen to use as really small coasters or something, let me know.

I played Mr. Mom on Saturday while Tara was off braving the whitewaters of the American River. I survived the experience, as did Tara.

And speaking of the river...some local idiots made the paper this morning for getting stranded in the river after they went rafting on a cheap inflatable raft with no life jackets on. Oh yeah, and one of them is 18 and three months pregnant. Not exactly Jeopardy material here. That water is running fast and very very cold right now, so going out there with a swimming-pool grade raft and no PFD is insane. And she's reproducing! This can't be a good sign. To quote FBDO: I weep for the future.