Finally got my surround sound speakers hooked up properly, so now I can enjoy having suspects sneak up behind me during CSI and whatnot. Not quite sure why but the previous owners had the speakers hooked up very strangely -- the rear surrounds were hooked to the same outputs as the front speakers, and the center channel was not hooked up at all. So they had 4-way surround except it wasn't really surround, it was just louder. Solved that problem and I have proper 5.1 surround now. (with two small speakers left over, so I could go to 7.1 if I had a receiver that supported it). Although, technically it's 5.0 surround right now because we don't have a sub-woofer. Got to put that on the wishlist I guess.

Plenty of other projects to do around the house to get it all setup the way we want it. I'm sure Tara is getting tired of me slinging wires around behind the TV constantly. On to other things like hanging new curtains now...