missing Y
Every once in a while I'll see or think of something during the day that I want to write about, but I forget about it by the time I get home or get access to a computer. This is one of those times, except this time I re-remembered my original thought from a few days ago. Score!

Anyway, I was driving home from work and I stop at a light next to a guy who is advertising his realtor-ness all over his car window. He had his name, Joe Smith, or whatever and phone number decal'ed on there, and then a strange combination of web address and email of the form: www.JoeSmith@GoLyon.com

Except the Y had fallen off, so it was actually www.JoeSmith@GoL on.com

Now, I'm perhaps a little more savvy than your average web-surfer driving around Elk Grove, but this one confuses even me. Is it supposed to be a web address or an email address? It's perfectly valid to have "www." in an email address, but it's certainly unusual and definitely stupid. The fact that his "y" fell off just makes it funnier. on.com is a strange site (warning, bikinis but probably SFW), but I'm sure they're happy to be getting the free publicity.