tech news
Zoe is back with another show. That just made my day. As usual I don't dig everything she plays, but there is some good stuff in there for sure. I discovered Ratatat, for example.

I got to listen to the show on my new iPod Nano. I pretty much bought it because I wanted to be able to use the Nike Sport gizmo. I didn't buy the Nike shoes to go with it though. I just cut a small hole near the bottom of the tongue (the shoe's, not mine!) and stuffed the sensor in. A couple minutes with a needle and thread to sew the hole back up and I'm good to go. I'm actually excited to get out and run now just so I can listen to the little voice count off my distance. and so I can track my progress online. Nike just announced that there have have been over 1 million miles logged using these things since they came out about 10 weeks ago. I can claim responsibility for a couple of those at least.

In non-tech news, Tara and I are going to see Seinfeld October 12th! Tickets are sold-out, so I won't mention how much I paid....