papers please
I was questioned by our local sherriff today. By "local" I mean the one who lives right across the street. I was out jogging this morning, while it was still dark out. As I was heading down our street at the end of my run there was a car alarm going off. I had my headphones on and was concentrating on making it to the end of the run and wasn't really paying attention to it. But the Sherriff who just happened to be pulling out of his driveway at the time apparently was. I guess a guy out in the early AM before it's light, running away from (or past) a car with an alarm going off is a little suspicious. I can see his point. We cleared it up pretty quickly without me ending up in handcuffs or anything, and at least I now know another one of my neighbors. I have no idea why the car alarm was going off in the first place, maybe a cat jumped on the hood or something... I think everyone has walked past an overly sensitive car alarm at one time or another. There's one here at work that must have some kind of proximity sensor because it will beep if you're just passing between cars in the row without even touching it. That's annoying.