According to a sign in my neighborhood that I spotted the other day you can now "Rent to Owen" a condominium nearby. I guess that's one way to find a place to live. Good luck Owen!

When I was at the hospital with Tara last week I got more than my fair share of time to do some people watching while I was sitting in the waiting room. Most people are either distraught, or bored. Some people talk on their cell phones which is always interesting because you get to hear the myriad different ringtones that people think are funny. (I think the theme from the Muppet Show is funny, personally). One guy amused me by pulling out a ringing phone which was playing Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing, which I thought was an interesting choice.

Here's a final tip for you all: If you plan to use an umbrella this winter, please make sure there is actually some form of precipitation falling when you're using it. Otherwise you just look silly.