update 1
Goings on in the 'xT household -- Tara is in the hospital for a couple of days so I've been on Daddy duty this weekend. The kids have been very well behaved so far, with only a couple of major meltdowns.

My old Saab is still in the shop getting its long awaited make over and should be finished up any day now. It's getting some serious body work, paint & new windshield. I managed to track down some needed parts from Sweden and I should soon have my baby back. Then I just have to put the interior back in, get the brakelights working again and reattach the other miscellaneous trim pieces that are currently sitting in my garage. That should only take another five years or so.

This is shaping up to be a crazy month at work, looks like we have a hundred or so servers to upgrade by the end of the month. Unfortunately I just found out about it and the month is already almost half over. Looks like I'll be busy on my Christmas non-holiday.