new year, new entry
Happy '07 everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebrations, I was asleep when the ball dropped since I had to work today. I listened to the celebrations from London on the radio so really I got to experience it 8 hours ahead of most of you.

To get the year off to a good start I offer the following bits of wisdom, courtesy of real honest-to-goodness subject lines found in my SPAM folder. Heed these tips in '07 and you'll no doubt be on your way to fame and fortune.

  • Hurry do not let yourself to miss this incredible offer (By "offer" we mean "scam", and by "incredible" we mean "expensive")
  • The right side has an anchor point for a wrist strap (Just letting you know)
  • The hotties wont notice last years styles (Whew, can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that!)
  • Wallace says these are fabulous (Gromit, not so much)
  • Go is uranium (So I guess that means I can't play Go on a plane anymore?)
  • You have heard that pouring your sperm into her tea is the best way to attract her (Strangely, I had not heard that.)

So there you have it, words to live by in '07. Happy New Year, Czech Republic formation day, Haitian Independance Day, or whatever other event you may be celebrating!