don't be a square
If you subscribe to the Sacramento Bee, take a look at page J1 in today's issue. If you don't subscribe, steal a copy from your neighbor's lawn, or if you're unlucky enough to be outside the Bee's delivery area I suppose you can find a copy on the intertubes.

Funny thing about this story.... I saw a 15-word blurb a couple weeks ago in the Bee, and contacted them via email. They invited me to come down for the photo shoot, and since I'm a local media whore I said yes. Now, bear in mind that I never claimed to be able to solve the cube in less than a few minutes. I had no idea who else would be there.

When I got there the three whiz-kids that I share column space with were already there practicing their moves. Two of them had to be driven there by their mothers. I was the oldest by more than a decade. All three of them could solve the cube in a few tens of seconds. (Perhaps I'm past my prime.) At that point I was really wondering why they even bothered to invite me. Two of the three were really into it, swapping tips, comparing strategies, using terms I didn't understand, etc. It's like a whole different little world. Weird!

Anyway, what you see in the article is pretty much the extent of it. They shot some photos of us, took some video footage which I think is on the web somewhere and then did brief interviews. I'm misquoted in the article, so don't take it too seriously. Now get out there and start cubing!