putting the "sense" in AdSense
I'm often confused by what Google thinks are targeted ads to display alongside messages in Gmail. One fun example from today, alongside a message about buxom jurors (don't ask):

Keep Pork off Your Fork -
Check out our list of the Top 10 reasons not to eat pigs. GoVeg.com

Four'N Twenty - Imported - Buy authentic Aussie Four'N Twenty meat pies now available in the U.S.

Coffee Exposed - A secret that coffee co's don't want you to know. www.coffeefool.com

Davati - Fine products representing the Essence of Croatia. www.davati.com

So there's one anti-meat, one pro-meat, one pro-coffee and one pro-Croatia ad. That's some wacky demographic they're going for -- the Croation coffee-drinking on-again off-again vegetarian market!