Tara is back in the hospital for the second time in four months, which is a bit of a drag. It's daddy day-care over here, which I don't mind but the kids miss having her around and it's hard to explain that she'll be back "soon".

My blue Saab finally has both its front and back windows in as of today, so all that remains of the major components is getting the seats in and the grille reassembled and we're in business. Lots of minor trim pieces and little things too, but those won't keep me off the road. Hopefully I'll be back on the road within the month!

Flights to Canada in June have been booked. It will be the first time north of the border for all of us. Sounds like fun, eh?

Not-worthy-of-its-own-entry-update: Ben & Jerry's has a new Crème Brûlée flavor that is really, really good and of course because it is so good, it is also really, really bad for you. All things in moderation! I'll work off the calories by typing -- it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to type the accented characters in Crème Brûlée properly!