Seriously, people. Enough with the craziness, ok? Take it from me that having twins is hard enough when you're a young 20-something. The sleepless nights, the constant attention, the feedings, the sleepless nights. Did I mention the sleepless nights? I wouldn't trade it for anything, but honestly I don't think I would do it again.

Ok, so, you know, when I'm in my 60's I hope to be settling down a bit. You know, getting ready for retirement. The kids will (hopefully) be out of the house, etc. We definitely won't be planning to have another set of twins at that age. But, apparently not everybody shares that goal. Yes, you read it here first. 60 is the new 30. Besides, this way mom and dad can change diapers for the first few years, and then pretty soon the kids will be old enough to change mom & dad's in return. Bravo.